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IUPAC Green Chemistry Conferences に参加しました

平成28年9月4日~9月8日にベネチア(イタリア)で「IUPAC Green Chemistry Conferences」が開催され、当研究室から佐藤貴哉教授・森永准教授・上條准教授・荒船准教授が参加し発表を行いました。


6th International IUPAC Conference On Green Chemistry

4th-8th September,2016-Venice(Italy)”Sustainability through Green Chemistry”


プログラムはこちら>>Scientific Program




“A Novel Highly Resilient Double Network Ionic Gel for Low Friction Material”
Takaya Sato


“Synthesis of Monodisperse Silica Particles Grafted with Concentrated Ionic Liquid-Type Polymer Brushes by Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization for Use as a Solid State Polymer Electrolyte”
T. Morinaga


“Macro- and nanolubrication properties of Ionic liquids as lubricants Confined between Silica Surfaces”
T. Kamijo


“A Robust Lubrication System Based on Ionic Liquid Polymer Brushes”
H. Arafune




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