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IACIS2012にて 森永先生、上條先生が発表いたしました

5月13~18日、 IACIS2012(International Association of colloid and interface scientists, Conference,)にて 森永先生、上條先生が発表いたしました。


「Fabrication of protoic solid-state polymer electrolyte of colloidal crystal decorated with ionic liquid polymer brush.」
  (Takashi MORINAGA, Saika HONMA, Takaya SATO, Kohji OHNO, Yoshinobu TSUJII)


「Double Layer Forces at the Potential Controlled Gold Electrodes Studied Using the Electrochemical Surface Forces Apparatus」
  (Toshio Kamijo, Motohiro Kasuya, Masashi Mizukami, Kazue Kurihara)


 「Development of all-solid dye-sensitized solar cell using self-assembled nanoparticles with high-density, concentrated polymer brushes.」
   (Yohei NAKANISHI, Yuko KAWANO, Kohji OHNO, Takashi MORINAGA, Takaya SATO, Takashi SAGAWA, Susumu YOSHIKAWA, Yoshinobu TSUJII)

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