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2012 results

2012/04/20  Tsuruoka National College of Technology’s satellite laboratory was put into Tsuruoka Metabolome Campus


2012/05/21  Takashi MORINAGA(Associate Professor) and Toshio KAMIJYO(Lecturer)  presented at IACIS2012


2012/05/28  Saika HONMA (Technical assistant) presented the 61nd SPSJ Annual Meeting


2012/07/03  Vth International Conference on Molecular Materials. MOLMAT 2012 – Barcelona, July 3-6, 2012


2012/07/09  9th International Symposium on Polyelectrolytes – ISP 2012


2012/07/30  The first salon for the citizen was held on Jul 25th


2012/08/01  Five students went for internship


2012/08/03  School 2012 of the green thorawart network summer


2012/08/08  The 43rd Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Summer seminar


2012/09/20  Takaya SATO (Prof.) and Toshio KAMIJYO (Lecturer) gave presentations at Republic Polytechnic


2012/10/03  The second salon for the citizen was held on Sep 26th


2012/10/25  The third salon for the citizen was held on Oct 24th


2012/11/14  We participated in the Northeast Business Matching 2012 on Nov 8th


2012/11/19  The 36th Industrial Technology Forum was held


2012/11/26  We participated in ISTS 2012 at city of Bangkok, Thailand


2012/12/07  We held a workshop project for earthquake disaster reconstruction and renewable energy technology


2012/12/14  The 2nd symposium of knowledge hub in Shonai was held at Tohoku University of Community Service and Science


2013/01/28  We participated in the “business-academia collaboration fair 2013 in Miyagi”




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